Writing for inclusion

The trap for writing in the digital age is to mirror and mimic what you see and hear. To closely follow trends. Doing this robs you of your opportunity to tell compelling, original stories…and storytelling is still the most emotive and effective way to connect.

The power of an original voice

Does your brand have an original voice? Can I hear it clearly in a crowded, noisy marketplace? Will I seek it out as a trusted source? Successful brands and businesses have original, powerful, clarion voices that are trusted and amplified. They all create original stories that resonate as true with their audiences.

The one thing all great writers have in common

Whether it is J.K. Rowling, J.J. R. Tolkien, Danielle Steel or DR. Seuss, every great writer has an original voice with the power of 'suspension of disbelief'. We know that Harry Potter and Sam-I-Am are fictional characters; however, their words and deeds live in our minds. Their writers have made the unbelievable believable.

Overcoming entrenched beliefs

In a time where cynicism is more common that scepticism, 'Suspension of disbelief' is an essential communication skill. Merely writing that your product or service is better is not believable, especially in a world where truth struggles to maintain a foothold. Your businesses voice must overcome cynicism, and the best way to do this is to tell compelling stories, stories that connect with people on a very human level.

Connecting with your target audience

How much do you really know about your customers? You may have collected data and even built up personal relationships, but the reality is that most of your customer engagement is transactional. As such, your connections are infrequent, and (although valuable) have little to do with them as people. 

Good writing is a smart way to stay connected. It's a way to build trust and credibility. Good writing delivered through the right channels, at the right time, helps build brand trust and integrity and even brand evangelism. A good writer allows readers to see themselves as part of your story, or (more importantly) you as part of their story.

The power of a good writer

Finding a writer within your business with enough experience, skill, and perspective is a tall order. Using project writers is also problematic. A good writer can become your voice and a valued member of your team. Taking the time to build a strong, enduring relationship with a good writer can transform how your business is seen by those who matter to your success. It can even help you see your business with new eyes. 

Finding a great writer…well that's another story altogether.

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About Craig Harris

Craig Harris is an award winning copywriter and 30 year veteran of the Australian marketing sector.