Why 3 years?

In 3 years, Google makes an average of 1500 changes just to their search algorithm. In 3 years, Netflix has doubled its subscriber base worldwide and become Australia's most trusted brand. Smartphones are smarter. People's attention span is shorter. A lot has changed in 3 years. According to Moore's law, the devices people use to view your website have become 3 times faster and smarter, while your website may have stayed the same. Time for a change.

What's at stake?

Everyone you do business with or will in the future do business with looks at your website. Your website implies more about your business than you think, and people pick up on these implicit messages. Is your business moving forward, or are you stuck and stale? Does your website reflect how people seek information today? Do you provide content that supports users' multiple levels of commitment and engagement? Do you have an authoritative voice? Do you understand that 'I'm trying to engage with you', or are you paying lip service with a glorified online brochure. Does your website reflect my changing beliefs and values? Remember, nobody's buying yesterday's newspaper.

'We don't get much business from our website.'

If your website is not fresh, using the latest technology and reflecting today's needs and desires, then it makes perfect sense your website is underperforming. According to KPMG research, 55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase, with 47% visiting a company's website, 26% checking out their physical stores, and 23% of people talking with friends and family. Your website counts more than you will even know.

Mobile first

Your website design must be designed for multiple devices. Whether you're a B2C or B2B business, searches often start on mobile devices and move to tablets, laptops and desktops if you start with a 'mobile-first' technology and content strategy, it's much easier to create a website that works on all devices.

Perception is everything

The web is a great equalizer. You can create a website that makes you appear bigger, smarter, more advanced, more knowledgeable, better qualified, more experienced, more aspirational than any competitor…no matter what their size. Just remember, most of today's most successful business are relatively new and most of the global brands from 30 years ago no longer exist.

Your website is your best chance to level the playing field. You don't need to have the largest office, the best factories, or the biggest client list if you have a website that makes you look better than your bigger and more successful competitors.

It pays to stand out

There are 4.2 billion web users and 1.95 billion websites worldwide. That's about 1 website to every 2 users. Most of these websites will never be seen because the people who created them don't know what you know; 'Committing the resources to keep my online presence professional and relevant is one of the smartest investments I can make'.

All you need to know about your website

Your website is your voice in the room when you're not in the room. It's either the first or the last impression you will make, and it's your choice. Treat your website if it counts, and it will. Commit the time and resources to create a presence that represents who you are today and what you want to become, and it will become so. That's all you need to know about your website.

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