‘What is remarketing?’ 

Remarketing primarily refers to remarketing ads. They’re the ads you see everywhere after you’ve visited a website. Depending on how complex the strategy, ads can differ based on which pages you’ve visited or exited from on a website or even an activity you completed/not completed on that website. Marketers set the parameters for remarketing ads based on their goals. 

‘Do remarketing ads work?’ 

If you were to talk to our clients who use remarketing ads, they would say ‘yes’. Some research indicates that even though click-through rates on remarketing ads decrease over time, conversion rates continue to climb. 

‘What are the benefits of remarketing ads?’ 

The primary benefit of remarketing ads is that your target has already shown interest by visiting your website. It's a bit like a sales pitch. If you stopped following up with a prospect and given them more reasons to do business with you, then your chances of getting sales would be low. Remarketing works on a similar model; staying front of mind in a lead's mind and providing them with more reasons to engage with your brand. 

‘What are the cost benefits of remarketing?’ 

On average remarketing ads tend to cost as little per click as half of CPC marketing. They also tend to have higher conversion rates. Much of this results from the fact that you are focused on prospects that are partially qualified by virtue of the fact they have already visited your website. 

‘Do I need to have a CPC campaign as well as a remarketing campaign?’ 

The answer is no. We have clients who are doing remarketing campaigns in markets where they are not running CPC campaigns and getting great results. If you are looking for ways to get more conversions from those who have come to your site through organic searches or referrals, remarketing is a cost-effective way to convert more leads to sales. 

‘Are there brand benefits of remarketing?’ 

If you have a lesser-known brand, remarketing is a cost-effective way to get your brand presence up for those who have visited your website. It's also valuable if leads are continuing their research for the solutions or products you offer. As they undergo their research, they will continue to be exposed to your brand and offering. With the right campaign and call to action, you can win the competitive battle for the hearts and minds of prospects more often. 

What’s the secret to effective remarketing?  

The common elements of a successful remarketing strategy are great creative, a compelling call to action and exposure to new or more qualified content. An incomplete shopping cart can drive remarketing campaigns and exit from a 'contact us' page or from any specific page or journey on a website.  

The best way to determine your remarketing campaign and how it works is to think of it as a continuing conversation with a prospect. You don't want to keep repeating the same image that they've already been exposed to. You need to address them as if they've already asked you a question (by the pages they have viewed on your site), and you're answering those questions. Great creative is the way to implicitly demonstrate you understand your prospects needs and value their attention. It's how you build your brand awareness and equity. 

Where do remarketing ads appear? 

As the client, you can determine where your remarketing ads appear. You can have them appear everywhere or just on specific websites that have display ads. 

Can leads turn off remarketing ads? 

The answer is yes; however, few do. Remarketing ads can follow a prospect for any period you determine. Google allows up to 540 days; however, most campaigns start to fatigue after 6 weeks. The best approach is to link campaign length to the length of your standard qualification time for a prospect and use that as a basic guide to audience duration. 

Can I run remarketing ads from my website to social media? 

In the B2B space, LinkedIn allows you to link your campaigns to your website and use that engagement to drive ads in their network. It’s an effective way to improve the quality of leads from LinkedIn. 

Yes, you can, though; it's a bit like watching a video on 'how to remove an appendix', then deciding it's OK to do the operation yourself. The reality is like most forms of digital marketing; remarketing is complex to set up and manage, making it very easy to make costly mistakes. If you want real measurable results, then you will work with a creative team and media company that has experience relevant to your business needs.  

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