Winning the battle for attention

It's foolhardy to think that someone with no advertising or marketing experience in the software space can hit the ground running, especially in the business software space. It takes a great deal of experience in the real world, selling real solutions to understand the dynamic of software sales, something we know from experience.

Paid users vs. free users

Software companies may have the goal of collecting as many free use customers to the solution as possible. Others are more focused on building reoccurring revenue models. At Digital Storytelling, we focus on the latter. Our clients are (and have always been) business software solutions and providers who only want to build their paying client list. They aim to build on already self-sustaining business to increase the value of a strategic acquisition in the midterm. We make this happen.

Niche and high-value software solutions

Digital Storytelling Collective specialises in developing, implementing, and managing marketing strategies for high-value business software solutions, where lifetime values start in the tens of thousands and cap out around $1M. The qualification process of such sales is longer, requires engagement strategies based on qualification and stakeholder engagement. It's a skill we have honed over more than a decade across many business software types.

Brands, large and small

We have driven marketing strategies around SAP, Sage, Xero, MYOB products, and Niche solutions like Lookatme, Lucidity, Test Grid, Vieple and Intunity. Marketing for every solution requires an understanding of both the specific audience and the clarity of the brand promise. Market and product maturity also influence marketing strategies. With software marketing, we understand that there is no such thing as an off the shelf solution.

Managing expectations

There are few things more detrimental to the success of a software solution or vendor than setting unrealistic marketing expectations.  We have seen too many organisations scared by such experiences. Our approach is to help you understand what is achievable and specify realistic timeframes for results. We find this approach helps our clients plan for success. We have built predictable and scalable sales models and (eventually) higher exit valuations.

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About Craig Harris

Craig Harris is an award winning copywriter and 30 year veteran of the Australian marketing sector.