How to give your sales team a fighting chance

Depending on diminishing returns from an existing business is a dangerous strategy. You need new business, and you probably rely too heavily on your sales team and website alone to deliver results. 

Cold calls are grossly inefficient and today, rarely successful. They dishearten your sales team and lead to false expectations. What you need is a better, proven strategy to attract and qualify sales leads. To do this, you need smart lead magnets.

What's a lead magnet?

In their simplest form, a lead magnet is something like a gated white paper, where readers need to provide an email address and name to download. In their more complex, high-performance form, they are sophisticated tools that provide costings and customised business-ready reports. The lead magnets we are talking about today are the high-performance ones-the ones you can't buy off the shelf.

Why high performance, custom-built lead magnets are smart investments

Sales and cash flow are the lifeblood of your business. When sales and cash flow slow down, everything starts to fall apart. High performance, custom-built lead magnets allow you to build a competitive advantage over competitors sales teams. They're also the gift that keeps giving. Once you've designed and built lead-magnets that has value to your target audience, it can keep delivering high quality, pre-qualified leads to your sales team for years to come.

Examples of custom-built lead magnets that deliver

Digital Storytelling Collective has taken decades of experience and knowledge of marketing and built the following lead magnets to capture high quality, pre-qualified leads for clients. The following are just 3 examples of that work. In each case, Digital Storytelling Collective has proactively driven the concept, design, build and marketing of these lead magnets, with measurable impacts for the businesses involved.

Example #1. XL.Today™

XL.Today™ is a new generation digital marketing platform. The challenge for XL.Today™ was to help mid-sized business understand the resource savings of this high-performance digital marketing solution. For XL.Today™ the challenges was demonstrating to those beyond the marketing department the value of this solution. The ROI calculator delivers this in the form of a customised report.

Example #2. MYOB Greentree & MYOB Advanced calculators

Star Business Solutions is the lead reseller of MYOB Enterprise software solutions in Australia. Their challenge was providing the leads and information that allowed their BDM's to deliver more sales faster. Digital Storytelling developed two product-specific calculators that deliver reports and costings to potential customers. By enabling customers to start this process without the intervention of the sales team, it has reduced the reluctance to start the sales process and delivered qualified sales leads. These calculators have also demonstrated the ability to reduce the sales cycle, in some instances from 6 months to 3 weeks.

Example #3. Lookatme™ ROI calculator

Lookatme™ is one of the world’s leading Digital Asset Management software solutions. Their challenge was to help those visiting their website better understand both the risk of not using a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution and the benefits such a solution would provide. Digital Storytelling Collective developed what is arguably the worlds most advanced DAM calculator, which provides a comprehensive, customer-specific report. This report delivers an executive summary of the value of a potential customers digital asset collection, how it is used within an organisation (and possibly by others), what their risk level is, and the cost of implementing a Digital Asset Management solution suited to their needs. From the Lookatme™ sales team perspective, the report delivers all of the information they need to convert leads to customers.

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