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All this work to create traffic…and you’re letting most of it leak. On average, it takes 4 to 5 content connections to drive a B2B conversion. As much as 80% of the site traffic you’ve created will not revisit your site unless you have ways of attracting them back. That’s where retargeting comes in. 

What is retargeting? 

There are various types of retargeting, but the type we are talking about refers to those who have visited your website and are yet to qualify or convert. Programmatic retargeting enables you to follow those who have visited your website with display ads that follow their online journeys. 

Programmatic retargeting content types 

The main two types of retargeting content are display ads and advertorial. Display ads look like, well, ads. Advertorial ads tend to show up in online media portals and blogs. Advertorial ads are disguised as editorial content and sometimes even follow the look and format of the news published on which they appear. 

Display ads 

Advertorial ads can be effective, but they focus more on providing information than a call to action. They are generally limited to news sources, whereas display ads can appear on any site that allows ads. Display ads have better production standards typically and are more closely aligned with the branding of the advertiser. 

Animated vs. static ads 

Static ads are entry-level retargeting ads. The higher-performing ads are animated. The best-animated ads use HTML technology. At Digital Storytelling, we focus on HTML animated ads for the simple reason they work better. They allow for more dynamic, eye-catching storytelling. They have higher click-through, and conversion rates than static ads, plus the media costs are the same. 

The animated retargeting ads that will get your attention 

On average animated retargeting ads have as much as 5 times the conversion rate and cost as little as 1/8th of other forms of display ads per click. Enough said. 

Broad vs. Granular retargeting ads 

You may want to start with a single, catch-all retargeting display campaign. You may want to go deeper with display ads triggered by specific events on your website, like visiting specific content pages. The more specific you get, the more simplified and targeted your retargeting campaign should be like all forms of marketing; the more accurate, specific, and personalised the ads and CTA, the better the outcomes. 

Stop the leaks 

Your new retargeting campaign helps you optimise lead generation for your sales funnel. It allows you to build on your hard work to get potential customers to your website. For a modest media spend, you can transform your lead generation process and better understand what drives interest and action around your offer. 

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