The silver lining

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Even a cloud as dark as COVID seems to have an upside. Consumers and customers have long been using online resources to decide what products and services they consume. So has the business world. The convenience of researching purchasing decisions without leaving your desk or home has driven this trend. So has the empowerment of making informed decisions without pushy salespeople. COVID 19 has allowed businesses to catch up with consumer expectations.

Scaling your digital presence

Remote work has probably motivated you to update your business software and moved key business functions into the cloud. You may have even started managing all of your business transactions online, with e-commerce and customer portals. Now is the time to complete this digital transformation by catching up with competitors and scaling your digital presence and starting with bringing your website more in line with customer expectations, then continuing with a consistent social presence, email campaigns and digital marketing.

A single digital touchpoint is no longer enough to build your business. You need to know where your customers are making their purchasing decisions.

Keeping up with…. well, everyone

Most businesses now have global competition. They also have international opportunities. Use your digital presence to increase your reach, develop new business leads and qualify prospects. Start by reviewing your website. Is it a simple information portal, or does it have a clearly defined role in developing and qualifying new business? How are you marketing your website? Are you using SEO, AdWords, digital and social campaigns, remarketing, email, SMS? All these channels play a role and are more affordable and easier to manage than you think…if you have the marketing partners you need. Offer your customers an integrated experience, be accessible and listen. Establishing an excellent digital presence today will secure your success in the future.

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Craig Harris is an award winning copywriter and 30 year veteran of the Australian marketing sector.