Fresh eyes

You see your business in one way, your customers another. We have the benefit of seeing from both perspectives. Overlay this unique perspective with our hundreds of thousands of hours of real-world practical experience. You start to develop a picture of how we can help you redefine marketing success.

Why we do what we do

Imagine the privilege of being invited into the board room of hundreds of organisations, where owners, managers, marketers and critical team members reveal their business's deepest secrets, concerns and desires. It is both a huge responsibility and a great privilege. It's also a wonderful opportunity to put into practice what we have learned over decades, helping others see what is possible when fresh marketing and communication ideas are breathed into an organisation. Our insatiable curiosity and desire to help others and hope that (in our small way) we can make the world a better place drives everything that we do.

Enthusiasm alone is no match for experience

Technology has changed. Our attention span has changed. How we seek and engage information has changed. Advertising and marketing have changed. People have not. Hundreds of years since the introduction of advertising, humans are all still driven by fear and desire. 

Although these fears and desires have changed, how we talk to them has not. 
At our cores, we are fundamentally the same as we have always been. Once you have enough experience to recognise and understand these fundamental truths, then you are better equipped to apply this knowledge across all mediums and audiences. This is why enthusiasm alone is no match for experience.

Individualism over tribalism

In some quarters, there is a growing trend to try to focus marketing activity on micro-groups or 'tribal marketing'. It is a practice where you create market segments based on shared beliefs, affinities, and interests, rather than traditional demographics segments. 

Where there is some validity in this approach, there is also a fundamental flaw in this thinking. With marketing and communication, you need to connect with an individual. In other words, you must write and think if you are talking to hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands, but one person at a time. It is a skill that the Digital Storytelling Collective have mastered over decades and one that we bring to each new client and each new project. We see the person first, not the group.

The art of the implied

Which message would better demonstrate the build quality of a car; a visual of it going over rough terrain or a warranty that is 3 times longer than the industry standard. If you are Hyundai, you know that the answer is the extended warranty. The extended warranty implies that we have more confidence in our product because of our competitors' better build quality. 

Implicit messages are essential when connecting with an increasingly informed and cynical audience. At Digital Storytelling Collective, we have mastered the art of implied messages, cutting through and connecting with our clients' customers with more regularity and more predictability. It is yet another hard-earned skill we bring to your table.

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About Craig Harris

Craig Harris is an award winning copywriter and 30 year veteran of the Australian marketing sector.